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Okaw Valley Orchard

Photographer Policies and Contract

1. All professional photographers must have a written consent and a signed contract.

2. Professional photographers is defined as any person who takes portraits and or pictures for money.

3. Sessions must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance and will include a discussion of where you are allowed on the property.

4. Session Fee: $25 per day/session (May be exempted with agreed upon sharing of photos with Okaw Valley Orchard. Please use a logo/watermark on photo(s) if possible)

5. Photographers and their clients must comply with all orchard rules. Failure to comply with rules will result in expulsion from the property. This includes our no-smoking policy and no pets in the playground and pavilion.

6. Photography must not interfere with other visitors’ enjoyment of the orchard.

7. Published photographs (blogs, Facebook, etc) should credit location of photograph, i.e.: Okaw Valley Orchard, Sullivan, IL

8. Please refrain from an picking of any fruit for prop use, without the purchase of a U-Pick bag during the designated picking season.

9. Understand that this is a farm with equipment, a pond, river access, and uneven ground. Please be cautious and watch all children closely.

10. Understand that this is an active and operational farm and the usage of chemical applications on Okaw Valley Orchard is routinely necessary. Because of this necessity, along with weather conditions, timing of blossoms, fruiting, harvesting crops, insect and disease control all photo dates and times must be approved by a manager and may need to be canceled/rescheduled.

**If you are a hobby photographer and are reading this sheet, the policies still apply with the exception of a contract and fee. Unless otherwise agreed upon, please respect our operating hours. We also respectfully ask that you support our livelihood when using our property.

I, _____________________________ have read and agreed to the photography policy at Okaw Valley Orchard, Sullivan, Illinois.


Fee or Photo (circle what is agreed upon)

Date & Time of Session________________________________________________________

Owner Signature__________________________