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Okaw Valley Orchard

Donation Request

At Okaw Valley Orchard we love to support local and not-for-profit organizations. If you would like to recieve a donation from us, please fill out the form below with all of the details for your event.

As the frequency and size of donation requests continue to increase, we try make every effort to provide our support to charitable efforts in our area. Although we would like to donate to all the worthy organizations that ask for support, it is impossible to fulfill every request. Past support of an organization or event does not guarantee future support.

If we are able to support your organization or event we will respond to your contact request. If we do donate to your organization, we are unable to deliver or mail donations except for gift certificates and coupons. A representative from your organization will need to pick up our donation.

Thank you for choosing Okaw Valley Orchard. We are pleased you value our products as a worthwhile addition to your event.